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Our story

Pennsylvania Libations is a family driven craft wine, spirits, ciders, mead and beer sales company. We support and sell only Pennsylvania made products. It all started as a broker company with one distillery and quickly grew to a full blown sales and representation company with a retail location.

Pennsylvania Libations proudly supports and sells the largest portfolio of craft libations in the state of Pennsylvania.

We start as a sales force across the state with distribution to strengthen and build brand equity. We represent the products that so many dedicated and talented producers put all of their passion and education into a bottle (or keg:).  With our retail location, this is where we solidify our base model of a full circle sales program. We now can present craft libations located from all four corners of the beautiful state of Pennsylvania to the public.

Located in the heart of the Strip District in the mecca of Super Bowl rings and one handed back handed goals. Where the pooling together of so many talented craft producers, we were able to find a common ground to bring everyone together. Trust and honest business is how this store was done. Everyone of the Producers that is represented at Pennsylvania Libations has trusted us to exhume their passion of the industry to you. That is where you will find what customer service is and should be. Our family of team members are some of the most experienced in the service industry any one company could wish for. Creating an amazing sales force team and the most talented and skilled libations vendor for events in Pittsburgh.

“Supporting hundreds of jobs across the state with this single concept. We ask you to join us in the belief that we should all “know our state”.”

So let’s recap a little…. We sell Pennsylvania made spirits, ciders, meads and beer to liquor license holders, distributors, breweries, wineries, distilleries, and venues. Creating a full circle of branding, representation and profits. We have an amazing staff that will bring you a new sense of what the highest level of customer service truly is and will always be. We do fundraisers, weddings, private parties and corporate events. We can customize to most needs all while supporting producers located in the commonwealth. We provide a full range of creating menus, cocktail programs,  and educational classes for any client that wants to join the ever growing here-to-stay bubble

Our Team

Christian Simmons

Founder - President