Natrona Bottling Company

Natrona Bottling Co

91 River Avenue
Natrona, PA 15065
(724) 224-9224

Natrona Bottling Company’s belief is that quality is more important than quantity. We’ve never, in 108 years, considered sacrificing our age old technique for mass production. Each bottle receives the the same care and attention as we give to our company as a whole.

Every batch of soda is individually mixed and measured by hand, using vintage equipment, and a carbonation process that has been with us since the first sodas rolled off our line, called “pinpoint carbonation”. It produces tiny bubbles instead of the larger gaseous bubbles. We use only pure cane sugar, to bring you the same great-tasting and refreshing sodas that small home-town bottlers provided for their communities across the country.

We might be a small company, working out of a modest building, but we know, in our case, the taste of a great soda depends on the love that goes into it.