Crooked Creek Distillery

104 S Water Street
West Newton, PA 15089
(724) 633-2043
A rich heritage of home brewing, and distilling exists throughout the Appalachian mountain range that winds its’ way from New England thru the Mid-Atlantic States. Home distillers have always existed across the globe and throughout history, in one form or another. However, United States Prohibition and the Great Whiskey Rebellion both heavily influenced the more modern day distiller and the eventual interest and spread of the craft distilling industry.
Crooked Creek Distillery takes its’ name from a large stream running thru Armstrong County, PA. This general area was the childhood home to the the proprietor who is also an army veteran and the distiller. The Distillery location is housed in a building built around the turn of the 20th century in West Newton, PA.
The concrete, brick, and steel building still has some of the original steam radiators ( a primary industry) of the area. The building overlooks and is a “stones throw” from the Youghiogheny River and just a short crossover from the (GAP) Greater Allegheny Bike Trailhead parking.

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