Presque Isle Wine Cellars – Saudade ’17


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51% Cabernet Sauvignon, 28% Merlot, 21% Cabernet Franc. Vineyard: Moorhead Farm, Szklenski Bro’s., Rassie Farms. ABV: 12%. Fermentation: 7 days on skins, punch downs 3 times a day (Punch down refers to the solids are left in during fermentation, like grape skins, that rise to the top of the vessel and the winemaker must then push those solids back down and disperse them through the fermenting wine. This typically leads to a darker more tannic wine and also aids in bacterial growth prevention). Aged 7 months in premium French oak barrels. Saudade is a Brazilian word that means a fond and nostalgic longing for people and things that are absent or gone, and in this case it is in honor of original founder Doug Moorhead. This wine is a well balanced old world Bordeaux style wine that delivers a medium full body and medium high tannins with a deep garnet color. On the palate you will get fruity notes of black currant, and blackberry which pair lusciously with the notes of tobacco, fennel, and oak. Best paired with red meats, aged hard cheeses, and mushrooms.