Xplorer Spirits – Rooibos Gin


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100% American Winter Wheat. ABV: 45% Proof: 90. Complex handcrafted vapor infused flavor gin made with 14 hand selected botanicals from the Americas, Europe, Madagascar, and South Africa. The botanicals include Juniper, Rooibos, Coriander, Grains of Paradise, Cubeb Berries, Orange, Lemon, Licorice and Cardamom and 5 more for a complex aromatic, smooth and balanced flavor experience. Rooibos is a natural herb that grows in South Africa that is very rich in antioxidants (150% more than green tea), caffeine free, and a good source of minerals. Amount of Rooibos in each bottle = about 3 cups of Rooibos Tea blended with their London Dry Gin.. Herbal, sweet, with hints of spice, and rich notes of tea.