Mazza Wines

11815 E Lake Rd.
North East, PA 16428
(800) 796-9463

Mazza wines have brought joy to Lake Erie Wine Country and beyond since the first vintage in 1973. From humble beginnings, the Mazzas set out to make a variety of wines as delightful as the landscape and communities they call home. Today, the Mazza family of brands is a testament to the family’s passion to preserve and transform the benefits of the land into pleasing vintages, time and again.

Mazza Vineyards
Mazza Vineyards is the heart of the Mazza operation and PA’s most prolific wine production facility. The Mazzas found that the Lake Erie Region has ideal growing conditions for classic wine grapes and European hybrids, and the influence of more than 45 years of exceptional winemakers can be tasted across this award-winning wine list.

South Shore Wine Company
Re-establishing the historic location and brand of the South Shore Wine Company was an opportunity for the Mazza family to branch out to varietals they had not produced with Mazza Vineyards; in particular, their many-award-winning Grüner Veltliner and other refreshing white and sparkling wines.

Bare Bones
These well-balanced wines are eager to please and have become a go-to pick. No fuss, no frills, just the bare bones.

The Perfect
Enchantingly Crisp. Captivatingly Bubbly. Enjoy your own happily ever after(noon) with these perfectly enjoyable wines.