Boyd & Blair – 151 Vodka


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With heightened flavor profiles mirroring our Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka (80 Proof), Professional Proof 151 was crafted as a direct response to experienced mixologists looking for a spirit to use as a base for house-made bitters, aged infusion cocktails and fortified wines. Chefs also love the flavor profiles of this over proof spirit for the creation of sauces. Boyd & Blair Professional Proof 151 is a 5-star-rated spirit, distilled from the same recipe as our original Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka. Because of its strength, this spirit is not meant to be enjoyed straight or in mixed cocktails. “Clear as rainwater. Smells remarkably fresh and potato-skin like and the off-the-charts abv doesn’t, to my surprise, set the fire alarm off — in reality, I respond favorably to the biscuity, gently sweet opening aroma…there’s a core substance of sweet grain/sweet potato that’s pleasing and firmly structured; mid palate is tight as a drum, sweet, nicely oily/viscous, creamy and deep. A new direction for supersized vodka from