Boyd & Blair – BLY Rum 105 Proof


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With more flavor and mouth feel than our 80 Proof BLY Silver Rum, BLY 105 Proof is a versatile spirit that can be used for a more intense rum flavor in handcrafted (particularly tiki-style) cocktails, or to create house-made infusions or rum-based liqueurs.

Master Distiller Barry Young took inspiration from historical navy strength rum to create BLY 105 Proof. Using the same recipe as our 80-proof BLY Silver Rum, BLY 105 has about 30 percent more alcohol resulting in a bolder and more flavorful white rum.

To make an infusion or liqueur simply add desired ingredients to 105, infuse and strain to create an infused rum. Or, add simple syrup to create a handcrafted liqueur.