Sweet Rust – Autumns Last Fall Single Malt “Malt Mates”


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“Autumns Last Fall”- (100% Malt Barley) ABV:56.05% Proof: 112.1. Aged 5 years in new American oak char 4 barrel then transferred to a freshly dumped scotch ale barrel from Bonafide for an additional 3.5 months. Before Bonafide aged their scotch ale in the barrel it was ours and it held what we called “Tennessee Twang” the 100% rye whiskey from Nashville. The malt whiskey got a little character from both the rye whiskey and the scotch ale resulting in an autumnal flavor profile with plum and cherry and chocolate as well as birch beer and baking spices. The tasting notes were what inspired the name Autumn's Last Fall.