Sweet Rust Bourbon

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With this purchase, you will receive the most recent Bourbon release.

Sweet Rust Bourbon is a single barrel, cask-strength product. No two batches are the same because each contains the distinct, unique of one individual 53-gallon new American charred oak barrel.

Recent releases include Peppery and Campsite Bourbon. Each of these sister barrels contains four-year-old bourbon with a mash bill of 78% corn, 21% rye and 1% malted barley. These barrels were distilled on the same day from the same aggregate at the MGP Distillery in Indiana. The caskmates then sat on the same pallet for over four years in the same warehouses in Indiana and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, before being bottled by hand at the Sweet Rust facility.

Despite their similarities, you will notice subtle differences palate due to each being pulled from an individual barrel. Yes, it is much more time consuming to bottle bourbon this way. But it's a great way to taste one-of-a-kind whiskey!

Looking for a specific bottling? Contact info@sweetrust.com to coordinate directly with the inventory team.