Sweet Rust – Dark Scottish Loch


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Our first Scotch product! Launched December 10, 2022, Dark Scottish Loch is a Blended Scotch Whisky comprised of 40% malt whisky from an undisclosed Highland Distillery and 60% grain whisky.After maturing to perfection in Scotland, the whisky was shipped to the Sweet Rust facility in Pittsburgh, PA, where it was lovingly bottled, labelled and waxed by hand. This product is bottled at a cask-strength 124-proof, or 62.5% ABV.Description: This whisky has exquisite legs at 124p, and is tawny in color with an amber copper hue.

Nose: Malt cereals, almonds, toasted oak, dried apricot, caramel, vanilla,

Tongue: Sweet cherry, buttery vanilla, heather and honey, butterscotch, marzipan, white chocolate, cinnamon.

Finish: Raisins, citrus peel, lingering leather and tobacco.