Seven Mountains Wine Cellars

324 Decker Valley Rd, Spring Mills, PA 16875

Our thirst for wine started decades ago…

More specifically, in 1976, when our owner and winemaker, Scott Bubb, crafted his first batch of wine using Concord grapes he’d handpicked from his Aunt Sylvia’s backyard (talk about homegrown!). Though his first experience didn’t go exceptionally well, Scott has spent each day since turning his appreciation for wine into his life’s work, creating the highest quality wines for any palette. Scott’s father once told him, “If the job isn’t worth doing right, it’s not worth doing at all.” That advice still runs through his head today as he continues to perfect new, exciting blends.

Scott opened Seven Mountains Wine Cellars in 2008 alongside his wife, Mary Ann. Together, the two have transformed their small wine-making venture into a successful, multi-award-winning family business, with their three children also taking part. The Bubbs now sell upwards of 40 wines at the winery, located in Spring Mills, PA.


In 2008, Scott made the move to commercial winemaking and was ranked 12th on the American Wine Society’s list of the top 50 Amateur Winemakers in the United States. As our winery has grown, so have the accolades—something we’re extremely proud to share!